Türkan Hüseynova
3 years ago - 39 Seconds

Artificial intelligence Sophia the robot is coming to Azarbaijan

Sophia, the only artificially intelligent robot of the world who is a citizen of Saudi Arabia, will arrive in Azerbaijan on 27 October.

Artificial intelligence Sophia the robot is coming to Azarbaijan

On 27-28 October, "Global Influencer Day" event will be held in Baku with the business cooperation of Keepface DMCC and FA International Trade Events. During the event, top influencer managers from world-famous companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Forbes, and Instagram will be among the keynote speakers.

In the event, Sophia, the humanoid robot will also be among the speakers. Participants are awaiting impatiently to ask questions and see how Sophia will respond to them.

"Sophia" has cameras and a special software system to build eye contact with people and to identify people. The human-like robot with artificial intelligence was created by the "Hanson Robotix" company in 2016.

Sophia, the world's smartest robot, was invited to the "Ukrainian House" at the Davos Summit. During the summit, one of the members of the Ukrainian delegation asked, "How corruption can be prevented in Ukraine?" and the robot operator was frozen in response to this question.