Türkan Hüseynova
4 years ago - 46 Seconds

What Is The Best Age For Children To Learn a Second Language?

According to Newsweek, a new study by the linguists, children need to be taught a foreign language by the age of 10. Children who start to learn foreign languages until this age can speak fluently, like their mother tongue. According to linguists, after age 10, a person can only learn the mother tongue that (s)he does not know because of any reason. Foreign language grammar can be understood until 17-18 years old.

What Is The Best Age For Children To Learn a Second Language?

Besides, the results show that after the age of 10, children learn foreign languages faster, but they cannot speak 100% fluently. Because at the age of 17, the pace of learning foreign languages is decreasing.

According to researcher Joshua Hartshorne, professor of Boston College at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the research has revealed why children learn better foreign language compare to aged people. The study, which MIT and Harvard University scientists have done among 670 thousand people, is the largest research so far on learning the language.

Currently, scientists want to investigate why foreign language learning has diminished as the age grows. Although experts point out human biology as a main reason, however, according to some researchers, there are other concerns of life after this age, and that is the principal reason.

Source: azadliq.org