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Young Azarbaijani girl is receiving a university education in the USA

Selcan Ahmetli, a 14-year-old young mathematician living in the United States, successfully completed the first class of North Dakota State University.

Young Azarbaijani girl is receiving a university education in the USA

In an interview with WDay American news portal, a family of Azerbaijani mathematician living in the United States told that Selcan Ahmetli who is 14 years old, finished the first grade of North Dakota State University this year, while studying in the 10th grade of high school.

While she was still in 6th grade, Selcan attracted the attention of her teacher by easily solving mathematical problems that her peers could not solve. With her teacher's initiations, she has continued her education with older students. When Selcan was 13 years old, she successfully completed her mathematics course of a high school.

At the university, teachers seeing her for the first time in a class surprised as her classmates are mostly are at their 20s.

Azam Ahmedov, father of Selcan is a mathematics professor at North Dakota State University, has been living in the United States since 1998. Azer Ahmedov, who was a successful student, became one of the 5 foreign students accepted to Yale University in 1998. Noting that talented people in the United States are offered great opportunities, Ahmedov said that in the future his daughter wants to go to Yel University.

Selcan aims to be a biochemist, biophysicist and mathematician, aiming to find a good job and to have a successful career.

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