Türkan Hüseynova
4 years ago - 57 Seconds

Azerbaijani Scientists Improved Technology of Producing Fuel from Sea Water

Azerbaijani scientists have improved the technology of obtaining fuel from seawater, named "Hydro-gas". One of the initiators of the project Murved Garibov said the obtained practical results made it possible to prove the economic efficiency and productivity of the new technology, which was difficult to do in the early stages of research.

Azerbaijani Scientists Improved Technology of Producing Fuel from Sea Water

The fuel produced in the process of refining seawater is no longer the main product. The most important product is the detergent obtained as a result of sea water treatment. The main feature of this detergent is that unlike the products presented in the retail network, it does not contain chemicals hazardous to health and the environment.

"We are constantly working to improve this technology. For example, today we are developing an improved version of the reactor, and we are as close as ever to its final prototype. Currently, the reactor is capable of processing 100 liters of seawater in order to obtain one cubic meter of gas within one hour. That is, within an hour we can get about 100 liters of finished detergent," Garibov said.

The technology is planned to be exported to the Turkish market. For the first time the technology was showcased at the end of 2014 in Baku within the framework of first Republican exhibition entitled as "Intellectual property and innovations".

The technology is an environmentally friendly method of obtaining fuel, which is designed to play a crucial role in the protection of the environment and the fight against global warming.

Source: www.today.az