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Cultural Trip to the Hun Land of Sekelistan

The cultural trip will be organized to Sekelistan (Székelys, Szeklers)-one of the oldest communities of Turkish nations. There will be a limited number of vacancies for this cultural tour.

Cultural Trip to the Hun Land of Sekelistan

Sekelistan is in Transilvania (Erdel) Region of Romania, where Atilla's grandchildren live, with an area of approximately 13,500 km², with 800 thousand people who live by the natural beauties and ancient history, waiting to be discovered.

Sekelistan Cultural Trip is an inevitable opportunity for those who want to explore Szekel culture, to get acquainted with the Szekel Turks and getting together with the Sekel National Night traditions, customs, customs, beliefs, music, games, dances, clothing, handicrafts and so on.

Cultural Trip to the Hun Land of Sekelistan

One of the greatest evidences of how far the Turks have lived in history, which is traced from one side of Asia to Anatolia to the inner side of Europe, is also possible to see the ’Balbal ‘culture in Sekelistan.

Cultural Trip to the Hun Land of Sekelistan

‘Balbal’ is a monumental tomb with many meanings engraved into them, usually made of wood, with a height of 3 meters. Basic elements such as woman, man, earth and sky are depicted with balbals.

Szekel people are traditionalized affixing rags with colors of Szekel flag over the balbals. Folk music of Szekel people is pentatonic, so it can be associated with Turkish folk music.

Cultural Trip to the Hun Land of Sekelistan

Szekely people make their living with livestock farming. In rare cases they plant corns. Apart from that, they do not really engage in agriculture. They deal with horse breeding, crafts such as weaving, woodworking, and ceramics. The motifs of the carpets, woodworking and embroidery motifs are very similar to the Turks.

How to join the trip?

The cultural trip is organized by the representative of Turkey, Ahmet Açıkgöz in Sekelistan, between 4 to 9 October 2018. 30 people who do not have a visa problem can participate in this trip.

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