Ilyas Kalyoncuoğlu
3 years ago

I just wanted to share an event that I've just read.


I was at my son's parents' meeting today. More precisely on the day of teacher-parent interview. I think my son, who was in secondary school, met with his six teachers. I waited a long time in the queue in front of each teacher's room. While there were many warnings hanging that every interview should last three minutes, some parents were forced to come out from the inside. we made the same conversations I will write below.

I go in, I introduce myself. He finds the student from the teacher list and starts: or Welcome, your son is a very smart boy. He is sensitive and respectful to his friends and to us. The average score is as follows: Please follow us. Lütfen

I'm listening, until the last sentence.

“I don't follow homework, sir. If he does, he does, and if he doesn't, he will react to the reaction you give and the consequences. Kend

. But, you know, our school's parents have a system to keep track of homework. This system was set up to do it. "

Im Yes I heard that system and have not looked at it yet. I don't want to look at it.

"Well, why are you doing this?"

Arası My teacher, I am an educator and I am against the transformation of the homework to a problem. It is useful to reinforce the learning again, but it should not be the supervisor's guardian. In the evening I'm having a homework tension.A child who spent the whole day at school and also have a limited time at home, I do not find problems with her parents homework. "

. But remember, two years later we have the TEOG exam. I need to start already and solve more tests. Iden

Yok Dear Sir, The TEOG system is not even certain what will become two years later. He does his best, this brings a good result, what, according to him if we do not live a process. I don't force my child for a system that is not clear what will happen in the future. Iden

Iniz I see, you're an interesting guardian. I don't meet with the parents like you, more work, more test when I say to solve most parents are satisfied. And they want the same from me. Is there something you want from me? Sizin

Orum My teacher, I want only one thing. Please establish a positive emotional connection with my child. Because my son doesn't learn anything from a teacher he doesn't like. And I believe that all children. If you have a positive emotional connection with them, they will listen carefully to everything you have told in the class and will learn naturally. It's hard to love every child, I don't mean to do it, but at least make a positive connection. My son is an audio and visual child, so if you have a positive connection with you, he already learns everything you write on the board. And believe me, I don't need to do homework on this. Ve

I'm going to thank you and I'm going to the next room to talk the same thing with the other teacher.

I've been both an educator and a mother for many years. I have learned and experienced a lot from my students and children.

I didn't like her teacher just because she dropped a lesson or fell in love with her teacher because she had never interested in the course I saw students who started to become more interested in the course. Teaching is a very difficult job, I live in it. Loving every student or loving each moment is not easy. But to keep in mind that I often warn myself;

Kur The feelings of the students are very important to you and if you are in this profession, make a positive emotional contact with each child as soon as you enter the classroom. Sometimes a word, sometimes an eye contact, sometimes maybe not just patting his back or caressing his head, and not even a single student from that class. "

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