Look at the silence of Turk

Sabit ince
3 years ago

Look, you're silent,

Be patient, see patience.

If you want to check my history,

Let him go after the enemy.

Will the Turk be a friend other than Turk?

Hey, when you say hello,

I don't know if these folks take a lesson,

See my enemy grave as ...

State wheel of the gimmick, but also eat

Even if they all combine, the breast,


My blood in the vein ...

Even though Ankara is stunned,

Even if traitors are united and sold

If they give up and throw many towels

Don't see your bellies.

Lick the yachts,

gold, stamps,

Ways to translate,

Mehmedim see the mountains ...

If the conscience goes bankrupt,

If the seven dudes merge,

lots of balls, feet

You're a blood vessel, you can see it.

In the name of betrayal yeast,

If they're all on one hand,

If they take a secret plan,

Let my Turkishness come to my attention.

If the ear is deaf, if the strokes stop,

Economic, social traps,

This is not the people, not the only one.

All humanity is fine.

Hard fine Nevsehir Turkey

You need to before you can answer.