Poetry Wedding

Hakan C
3 years ago

No more spoken

I know your pain well

He's in pain.

No more silent


Sudanese pregnant

No more of my girls

Falling from the sky to a cypress fork

Blue lighted beauties

But I still

In a tree

On a rock

I'm waking up.

Bloody mouth

Every time he says his name

Seven steps up


As if I did

Commemorating a fucking snake

A golden pedestrian

Three oily arrows

This horned iron horn

Throwing his foal

Look at the ancestors' language.

With my anger

Forty hearth burners

Over forty

Forty prayer


Forty Key

Forty mind

Forty Days

I've burned a lot.

A mouth on each face

Thousand language in each mouth

On the forty days

Al dragon sleepy sleepy

I Bas

So full of days

Spattering at night

A lifetime of ours


I know the city you live in

He's in town

No more spoken ...

You need to before you can answer.