Tengrism in our country

Coşkun Ercan
2 years ago


In our country, Religious Affairs Department collects data by using various religious questionnaires. According to this research, 99.2% of Turkey is Muslim.

Accordingly, not only the Tengrians or Atheists; Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Zoroastrians and so on. people of many faiths accounted for only 0.8% of Turkey.

It is not possible to find these figures realistic. We should question the reliability of the data obtained, especially considering that the official institution conducting the research is 'Religious Affairs'. However, we can say that the majority of our country belongs to the Islamic religion.

The belief that the God of God is never properly explained in schools or in religious culture classes; we know that Turks are easily teaching Muslims because they are similar to Islam. So tengrism gain widespread in the coming years in Turkey or communitarian seems difficult. One of the main reasons for this difficulty is undoubtedly that Tengrism does not have the duty to communicate.

Christianity and Islam no doubt owe their present powers to the missionary. Especially in conquered regions, the people of the region were forced to abandon their religions in order to easily rule people. These forces can be bloody, tortured; sweet language, financial aid, corruption or heavy taxes. The Turks have been subjected to all of these methods throughout history and eventually the people changed their religion with the conversion of the Hakans. (we became Muslim for political reasons)

Since the issue of how Turks become Muslims is a matter that needs to be examined in more detail, we will not explain here any longer; but today's Turkey according to Tengri how much faith?

The Rise of Turkism and Tengrism

In recent years, it has been relatively easy to reach the articles, words and books of Turkish thinkers such as Atsız. We observe that Turkism has an important share in the internet. The ideology of Turkism, which manifests itself with enthusiasm especially in young people, also shapes people's view of Islam.

If the Turkic minds are interested in thinking about religion, they first consider reforming Islam. They want to be worshiped in Turkish, to read the Turkish prayer and to adapt Islam to Turkish culture. But when the Turks realize that their wishes have no place in Islam, they start to question Islam and in this process, they can make a religious choice.

In this process, 'What did we believe before Islam?' Türkçü, which raises the question, begins to investigate Tengricilik. Here, almost all of present-day Turkey Tengrici Turkism result of the Sky God, faith is acquainted with Tengri. However, it is difficult to say that Tengrism is the most popular belief among the Turkists. Turkists on the rise in Turkey are also seen in disbelief. (Atheism). In addition, there are Turks who interpret Islam in their own way and are not too busy with religion.

We see that in parallel with the development of tengrism Turkism in Turkey. However, the Tengri belief is a philosophy of life that should not be monopolized by any ideology. Tengri belief should not be used as a cover for Turkist ambitions. This only brings corruption. As a matter of fact, Tengrism is not the basis of racism even if it will cause the crowning of Turkism. Therefore, the straw and straw should be well separated, apples to the apple basket; we should put the pears in the pear basket.

The Rise of Faith and Tengrism

In this age of informatics, where all the saints have lost their meaning, the religions we think big do not seem safe enough. This easy access to information has diversified the answers to the questions. Although Nurcu and İsmail Ağacı groups use the internet effectively and make publications targeting young people, we witness the rise of disbelief among young people.

Unbelief is something quite odd that in a country like Turkey closed until the recent past and that's why people leave Islam even though it may be explanations to those around him. Or the survey of the Diyanet 'Muslim' may say.

Those who question Islam can get out of religion as a result of the information they have obtained on the Internet and in books. Especially the translation of the Koran into Turkish and the easy access of the people to the Turkish Qur'an brought about many issues. Many question marks appear in the minds of those who read and understand the Qur'an and they start to look for answers that will resolve these question marks.

These interrogations lead to disbelief if our citizen is brave enough. Quitting Islam is indeed a very difficult and painful process for the Turkish people. Although it is known in Iran and even the existence of the mob even an atheist in the Arab countries that are clearly identified with Islam in Turkey (Turkey Turks); He sees separating from religion as separating from his beloved. He can ignore the contradictions and irrationalities he has noticed in religion and continue his life.

Nevertheless, we have witnessed an increase in the unbelieving population in our country in the last fifteen years. Especially among the youth, Islam does not seem as effective as before. No matter how much Imam Hatipler and Qur'an courses try to fight this reality.

We left Islam; alright what now? Believe what? Our research is directed to people. Deist, Atheist; some may be Christian, Agnostic, Buddhist, Paganist and finally Tengrici.

How to become Tengrici? Your parents may not be apparent in Turkey due Tengric. So there are two human resources Tengri feeds the belief in Turkey: Turkists and religious interrogators.

In this context, our brothers and sisters who attain Tengri belief by making religious inquiries seem more valuable. Because Tengri belief is not because of hostility to Islam or racism; he has chosen this path because he finds the teachings inherent in faith appropriate to him.

What does Tengrism Promise to Turkish Society?

We Tengric Turkey as a team; we are not trying to get people out of Islam. This is a matter that they themselves have to deal with. We are only engaged in the Tengri faith. But when it comes to Turkey, let's face it tengrism why people prefer? They can say. And when it comes to this, it is not without mentioning Islam:

1- Disadvantages of Islam and Society's Present

Islam and other religions are a great tool to guide our people. For the sake of religion alone, the Turks fall into the currents of their own harm and fall under the guidance of other nations that seem to be religious. (Adoration of Iran, Wahhabism, Salafism, etc.)

It makes our identity difficult. We all believe in the existence of a kind of Turkish-Islamic culture and understanding. This Turkish understanding of Islam, which is often called the Yesevi way, is in fact an illusion. in fact, it was because nomadic Turks did not know much about religion. Nowadays, thanks to the increasing prevalence of the Koran Courses and religious education, the mentioned pure Turkish-Islamic interpretation has already been destroyed. Even the Yoruks who studied at Imam Hatip (Classes) came up with completely different world views after graduation.

As long as we are in the Islamic religion you understand, our existence as 'ourselves' is under constant threat.

Islam is a dogmatic religion and is not open enough to today's innovations and development. We live in the information age and the most important weapon we need is information.

Religion has become a means of war and hatred. The rising radical Islam in the society almost terrorizes. Mutual love and tolerance environment is damaged.

2- What Does Tengrism Promise?

a) To establish a healthy 'me' and 'culture' phenomenon,

b) To be aware of our deep roots, to motivate life and to increase our self-confidence,

c) To keep up with the rise of science and to give the natural sciences the place it deserves,

ç) To develop a sense of responsibility instead of an atmosphere of fear and obedience,

d) To establish a strong legal and judicial system (understanding of honor),

e) To ensure the development and rise of art; Tengrism promises.

The ultimate goal of the struggle for existence in Turkey tengrism; to create an empowered Turkish society. In this age we see the rise of our relatives, the Japanese and the Koreans. For us to rise like them, we need to have the country mentioned above. We need to take action to get rid of our backwardness, which is unique to Islamic societies.

I wish all these readers who read this article.


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