Turkism and Turkism

Coşkun Ercan
2 years ago

Turkish Turkism

The history of the Turkish race is almost as old as the history of humanity. The Turkish Race has left such profound traces on the stage of history that some people “History begins with the Turks. “. This situation has attracted the attention of many people of science that the Turks have been on the stage of history for thousands of years and attempted to investigate the origin of the Turkish word. Many different explanations have been made to find the source of the Turkish word. According to some experts, the Turkish name for the first time BC. 13-14 centuries, "Tick, Turkish or Tics" is in the form. According to some, the Turkish name dates back to the past.

Turkish means insan people who depend on honor insan. What is meant here is state law. In other words, Turkish; It means bağlı people who depend on the state and state law “.

Contrary to what is known to be originated from Central Asia, the Turks are a race that is devoted to the arts of war and arms, providing livelihood with livestock and animal products with a nomadic lifestyle.

We are not ırkındanız.türk Nations Turkish nation; includes living on the borders of the Republic of Turkey, Republic of Turkey citizens with identity milletdendir.örnek If we give Turkey the Circassians living in our country is not the Turkish Milletd Configure the Turkish race.

What is the race to the communities that speak the same language and who are connected to the same customs and traditions and have blood connections between them. The predominant point in Millette is culture, brotherhood of religion.

The predominant point in race is blood bond and kinship.

If we go back to the old ones because we come from the Turkish race, the Hun State of Asia, because we come from the Göktürk Giants, our ancestors are based on these states why us, Kurds, Circassians, Bulgarians and so on. Why not let them be related to them because we do not come from the same tradition, he called my brothers and sisters. What is important for us is not the blood of religion because religion is selective is a destiny to be Turkish.

Turkey in the "racism" of the people who use the word causes the bending his lips. Although he does not do nationalism properly, the people under the name of nationalists are seen as insincere. Our wise (!) People, who owe their lives to soldiers, posters, bullets, weapons, make anti-militarist discourses and oppose military and military policies.

defending the Turkish nation in Turkey, such as whether a person has been costing the public, the so-called "oppressed" the other communities are also circulating on everyone's lips köpekmişçe to fry.

As conscious nationalists, we aim to claim the Turkish race. We call this purpose “Turkism”. Turkism is pure Turkish nationalism. It is not the hatred we feel for other nationalities, communities or cultures that Turkish nationalists defend.

We Turkish nationalists; Because of our respect for the Turkish race, Turkish history, Turkish ancestors, Turkish language, Turkish culture, Turkish territory and the Turkish flag, we use our right to self-defense against those who disrespect our values. Our right to self-defense against these individuals is defined by some groups as illegal.

According to Article 10 of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey; everyone is equal before the law without discrimination because of language, race, color, gender, political thought, philosophical belief, religion, sect and similar reasons. We were served against Turkish nationalists, we are told that it is contrary to law, it is Article 10 of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey. According to this law, racism is not legal.

According to Article 17 of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey everyone, life has a right to protect and improve the material and spiritual existence. According to this law, it is legal for the Turkists to claim their moral values. Turkish racism is based on spirituality and sincerity.

According to the same Article 25 of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, everyone has the freedom of thought and opinion. “No one shall be compelled to express his thoughts or convictions for any reason or purpose; cannot be condemned or blamed for their thoughts and convictions. ” Accordingly, Turkish nationalism is the most natural right of a Turk. Turkish nationalism arose from the need to see the Turkish nation apart among others, to protect and protect the Turkish nation in comparison to other nations. According to this article, it is not legal to condemn Turkists for doing Turkism or to show Turkism as a crime. Actions against these rights can be repulsed with the right to self-defense. condescending or condemning the Turkish nationalist party, the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey have committed crimes in violation of Article 25.

Considering the articles 17 and 25 of the Constitution; It is not forbidden to do Turkish racism and to see the Turkish nation superior. History has shown us an example of this in the Racism-Turancism Case.

After a period of up to one and a half years following the punishments and tortures they faced for being racist and Turancians, the Turkists, the defendants of the Racism-Turancism Case; and the Supreme Court 1. The Istanbul Martial Law Court overturned the “procedural and fundamental aspects” decision and immediately released the detainees on 26 October 1945, informing the Istanbul Martial Law Command that the detainees were immediately released. The release of the Turkists here is proof that “Turkish Racism kıl has been legitimized by law.

As a result; Turkish racism is legal by the articles of respect for spiritual values and the right to freedom of thought. It is legal and right of every Turk to do Turkish racism.

On 26 October 1945, Turkish racism was acquitted for violating Turkish law and laws.

You can keep your Turkishness to the fullest, protect your Turkishness until your last breath, and shout your Turkism to the end of your life. According to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, this is probably the most natural right.

Coşkun ERCAN

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