Verse of the Prophet (s) upon the Prophet (s)

ali AVCI
3 years ago

Some of the verses of the verses expressing their conformity to Rasulullas (pbuh):


الله تعالف: وْمَا أتاكم الرَس ولَ فُوهَخُذُ وُمُا نَّه الاكامأ عَمَه فانتهوا.

) ... So what does the prophet give you, and whatever it is, take it away from your hand, and pull it away from you if it claws you away. Ne (59 Hash 7)


الله تعالْىٌ: و مإا يُنُقإ عَىنَ الْهِوَ ُن هَوَ َلا و حى يعوحه.

Am And the prophet does not speak according to his own desires and aspirations. The words he quoted you are none other than the hymnal news that was sent down to him. M (53 Necm 3-4)


الله تعالَطَ: مْنَ يَعَ الرُسَّولِ فُطِقْدَ اىاعا اللهه.

80 Whoever obeys the prophet obeys Allah. G (4 Nisa 80)


الله تعالْ: وطٍنكَ لِتَىهِدِى اْلَ صَرَاَإ مَإسىتىقعيمه.

Şura ... O ”


الله تعالٌ: فُلْيُحَرَ الِينُ يَالُفَونِ عْنُ أمرهِ أن تأصِيبمهْمَ فَتَنُةِ اُخَوُخَ يَصَّذِيبْذَهَمْ عَابى اىلعيمه.

63 sak Those who want to oppose the commandment of the prophet should fear the troubles in this world and the fearfulness of the world in a world of violence or the world. Pey (24 Nur 63)


الله تعالِ: وَاَكِرلنِ مَا يْتِلَّ فُ بِيُوتُكِىنَى مْنُ ُيَاتَ اللهُ وَال حىكامتةه.

Ve Always remember the verses of the Quran and its envoy, which are being read in your houses, and don't miss your agenda. Ah (33 Ahzab

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