Western Thrace, Turkey's policy should be reshaped how?

Hasan Özkan
4 years ago

When we look at Tarihe, we see that Western Thrace is not only the parts that are under Greek domination. For example, on December 18, 1918, Western Thrace Turkish Mebians gave their representatives to the representatives of the great states in Sofia: "Western Thrace has already divided into two mutasarity. Gümülcine Sanjak, the son of Gümülcine, İskeçe, Eğridere, Pasemli (Ahiçelebi), Kardzhali, Koşukavak, Ortakoy, Sofulu, Ferecik, Dedeagac, Karaağaç, Mustafapaşa, Svilengrad, Dimetoka is the Karaağaç Sanjak which contains the accidents. We are named after Garcia Trakya from the geographical and national point of view of the Nevrecope Accompanied by Sancağını, with the beat (Ropcoz) incident annexed to Plovdiv Sancağ after the Balkan War. " As you can see, the Turkish parliamentarians working for the liberation of Western Thrace have determined the geographical, national and political boundaries of Western Thrace. As a matter of fact, the documents published by Garbı Trakya Sermiyeti: "... Garbı Trakya necropolis was destroyed by 1912 Turkish Bulgarian hududu, Bulgaria was separated by Meriç River and 1913 Turkish Bulgarian hududu, and Şarki Trakya was destroyed by the territorial sea, ... "and it is reported that the region covered 23.591 km2 of land. Thus, in Western Thrace, Greece, Ferecik, Alexandrose, Gumulcine, Sekke; In Bulgaria there are towns such as Kardzhali, Mestanli, Koşukavak, Ortakoy and their villages. (Http://www.atam.gov.tr/dergi/sayi-33/bati-trakya-turkleri)

Therefore, Turkey's policy of Western Thrace, Greece should be removed from the jammed for years, should be expanded, it should be reshaped in accordance with international law. Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and civil society organizations working on Western Thrace should be informed about it.

What is appropriate for you to do in order to reshape this policy?

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