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A "terror-free" Habur Stream attracts more visitors

The ‘Habur Çayı’ or Habur Stream located in the foothills of Mount Kato, where the terrorist organization PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) has used as a base for years, welcomes those who are exhausted from heat.

A "terror-free" Habur Stream attracts more visitors

Scorching hotness of the southeastern Anatolia region led the citizens to flock to the regions out of use because of terror for years. With the operation organized in 2017, the stream area was wiped out of terrorists and has become a peaceful tourism zone.

In the region where temperature is between 36 and 40 degrees in the middle of the day, the citizens and children who have come to cool off in the cold waters of stream have enjoyed the pleasure of swimming. On the other hand, ranchers of the villages are kept their goats in the shady areas and let them to graze the edge of the Habur stream due to heat.

Asphalt melted and softened because of hotness.

Due to the hot weather in the Southeastern Anatolia Region, asphalt melted causing difficulties to vehicle drivers. Highway crews started working on asphalt, which is overheating on the Şırnak Beytüşşebap road.