Dilek Özdemir
4 years ago - 1 Minute, 25 Seconds

Ecotourism and Its Benefits

Ecotourism is a fairly new concept. For the first time, the 1992 Rio Environment Summit set out criteria for a sustainable world and environment. These criteria were summarized as tourism, adapting to tourism, developing ways of exploiting it without harming the environment, and ensuring that all indigenous peoples would benefit from their tourism activities without destroying their culture. Ecotourism is a broader issue than nature lovers and environmentally sensitive tourists. In fact, this phenomenon is the whole of environmental, economic and social relations.

Ecotourism and Its Benefits

Ecotourism is also an activity that encompasses many activities involving social and cultural activities. Ecotourism can also be called Sustainable Tourism at the same time. The second important criterion of ecotourism is the "sustainability of local cultures and the benefit of local people from this tourism activity". The first is that the local people of the region where the ecotourism activity is made receive a financial share from this activity.

To achieve this, first of all, it is desirable that the smaller international agencies of the major international tour operators are involved in the ecotourism activity of smaller agencies, countries and even regions. It is an important precondition for these agencies to provide the tour needs as much as possible while making the tour programs.

The second important principle is that while contributing to a region through tourism, the elements of material and spiritual culture should not be disturbed.

Ecotourism and Its Benefits

In areas where authentic cultures, moral values, and so on, tourist groups have to respect these values. (such as taking care of costumes, respecting religious and mental values, eating, drinking, enjoying, etc.) and to participate as much as possible, etc.)

At the same time, it is necessary to prefer and support accommodation facilities that serve as authentic structures protected by the tourism sector, as a consumer, instead of modern architectural products which do not match with local art.

Now all over the world, the center and its tours, which adopt this environmentalist attitude, are supported and preferred. Acentalara, which is operating with this understanding, is given special prizes and documents.

The tourism movements that enable all the people on earth to meet, to fuse and to coexist in peace can only be sustained in such an understanding without harming the existing material and spiritual values.