Berna Usta
3 years ago - 34 Seconds

Fire Disaster in Greece: Death toll to reach 81

Hundreds of acres of land, countless houses and cars reduced to ashes due to the massive forest fire spread across the eastern Attica region of Greece. 81 people dead in the fire and more than 180 people were injured. Prime Minister Tsipras declared a three-day mourning in the country.

Fire Disaster in Greece: Death toll to reach 81

According to the Greek National Emergency Center (EKAV), the fire in the forested area in the Rafina region, located in the north-east of Athens spread rapidly due to the severe wind and expanded to the residential areas.

At least 81 people lost their lives, and some got trapped in their homes and cars, while others drowned in the sea, trying to escape from wildfire.

Greek Prime Minister Aleksis Tsipras returned to Athens after cutting off his trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina due to the fire. Tsipras announced that it was declared a three-day national mourning.

Turkish President Erdogan calling Tsipras said that Turkish government is ready to help.