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Hijama from past to present

Hijama (cupping therapy); is the procedure of minor surgical excretion which results in the formation of negative pressure on the skin with the aid of a cup and the application of incisions. While it is not known where and when the first application of the Hijama begins; there are some information about that it is applied in ancient civilizations. Hippocrates, known as the founder of modern medicine, and the great physician of Greek medicine, have become advocates and users of hijama. It is written in clay tablets with nailhead that the buffalo horn was used for hijama in the Babylonian and Assyrian empires (700 BC).

Hijama from past to present

In Islamic medicine, age cup therapy is based on the teachings of our Prophet (PBUH). In central Asia, Muslim doctors frequently used the sentence; Ibn Sina stated in his famous work 'Hand Law Fit Medicine' that the advantage of the vacuum is 'to allow the organ to shed sediment'.

During the Renaissance period, hijama was frequently used in many countries of Italy and Europe; It was made by barbers in France in the 14th century. The British parliament has issued a decision regulating the practice of hijama therapists who have graduated from Oxford and Cambridge universities to prevent inexperienced barbers from attending and misapplication. In the Ottoman period, hijama was widely used; Sultan Abdulhamid Khan's residence in the Ottoman archives, which is the hijama to escape the illness of insomnia.

When hijama was applied, various materials such as animal horns, bamboo, ceramic and glass cups were used. 

Hijama from past to present

Hijama therapy, which does not end with counting benefits, is now widely used in Russia, America, Canada, China and most of the Muslim countries. It should be noted that this treatment causes blisters, burns and profound injuries when applied incorrectly

The health ministry has also initiated certification of doctors and dentists to prevent this healing-source treatment from being carried out by unskilled hands on non-hygienic conditions. In Istanbul, Ankara and Kayseri, many hospitals and health centers affiliated to the Ministry are now officially accredited.

Whether it is for health, or for a great circumcision, I would recommend that every person who wants to do the punishment should have it done at the official institutions of the ministry of health.

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