Türkan Hüseynova
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In Kazakhstan Started Kyrgyz TV Broadcast

State television of Kazakhstan began broadcasting in Kyrgyz language on May 1st.

In Kazakhstan, a state television channel, Kazakh TV, has begun broadcasting in Kyrgyz language. The Chairman of the Agency's Board of Directors, Almagül Ahmetjanova told that more than 450 programs were translated into Kyrgyz and voiced, and the added: "The addition of Kyrgyz to the language of broadcasting has a symbolic meaning. History of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan is intertwined for ages."

In Kazakhstan Started Kyrgyz TV Broadcast

The chairman of the Kyrgyz Association in Kazakhstan, Shevket Ismayilov stated that the beginning of Kyrgyz broadcasting of Kazakh TV will develop relations between the two countries and will make popularize the Kyrgyz language. President of the association told that there are 37 thousand ethnic origin of Kyrgyz live and near 60 thousand work in Kazakhstan.

Broadcast languages Kazakh TV, which is Kazakh, Russian, English and Kyrgyz, broadcasts in more than 120 countries around the world via satellite. Uzbek language also will be included into the broadcasts of the television channel at the end of the year.

Source: www.dunyabulteni.net