Aiperi Seiitbekova
3 years ago - 34 Seconds

Kazakhstan to increase a number of international students

Kazakhstan aims to increase the number of foreign students to 50 thousand by 2025.
Kazakhstan to increase a number of international students

According to the statement of the Ministry of National Education and Science of Kazakhstan, approximately 14 thousand international students are currently studying at higher education institutions of the country and it is expected that the numbers will rise to 20 thousand in 2018-2019 academic year. 

Apart from this, the language of instruction is planned to be gradually switched to Latin alphabet from 2021 to 2025 in the country.

International students are admitted to Kazakh universities based on university-based exam results or within the framework of international agreements between countries.

Higher education in Kazakhstan

At the present time, there are 125 universities in Kazakhstan with 18 million population. 40 of the universities is in Almaty city. There are only 13 universities in the new capital Astana.

While 500 thousand students are being educated in the country during the higher education phase, 32 thousand 212 academicians are serving.

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