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Knowledge Sharing Turkist Authors' Idea Marquee: Altay Sözlük (Interactive Dictionary Site)

Altay Sözlük made a fast introduction to the interactive dictionaries community at the end of 2018 with the principle of "hold the sanjak a little bit tighter what you have raised" Starting the 10th place in the ranking of interactive dictionaries, Altay Sözlük has risen to 7th place in 1 month.

Now, Altay Sözlük is waiting for new authors/writers from all the Turkish world.

Knowledge Sharing Turkist Authors

-The Turkism that started in the 19th century...

+No, go back more.

-The Orkhun Inscriptions that shed light on Turkish history?

+Go back more...

-A historic era opened with the migration of tribes...


-Tengri Tagh (Thian Shan)...

+Stay there, let's stay! Turn your head to Ötüken (Otgon), lean back on Altai mountains. Take a long breathe, watch the horse run of your ancestors, cry to the laments around the marquees, salute to the tombs named kurgan, read the blessed inscriptions; one by one... Push your ancestor Bilgä Qagan's proverb and wrap firmly:

"O Turkish! Unless the blue sky collapses at the top, the greasy ground below; who can disrupt your province, ceremony?"

("Ey Türk! Üstte mavi gök çökmedikçe, altta yağız yer delinmedikçe; senin ilini, töreni kim bozabilir?")

It will be your guide. Get your guide with you on this way. See what says your ancestor Atsız;

"When you give so much labor for love, you need to be out of existence and become a soul."

-What if the soul can't get out of it?

+Then "hold the sanjak a little bit tighter what you have raised".

Knowledge Sharing Turkist Authors

The ones who will carry the guide in his heart, who wishes to rejoice, even if the heroism of his/her ancestors repeatedly and repeatedly, possesses Turkish history and culture and which will carry pride with Turkism; Altay Sözlük is the idea to think that it is a co-existent, written and will continue to write.

Knowledge Sharing Turkist Authors