Aynur Toleubayeva
3 years ago - 36 Seconds

Turkmenistan Starts to Produce Computers

The Turkmenistan Government announced that computer production had started in the country. Commenting on this, President Gurbanguli Berdimuhammedov said computer production in Turkmenistan has provided a good basis for the digitization and development of the economy.

According to Arzuw news, Turkmenistan produced nearly 100 thousand computers in March last year. During the visit of the Turkmen State Institute of Transportation and Communication and the Ministry of Industry representatives, Turkmen entrepreneurs to China, received quality approval from Chinese manufacturers. Experts have emphasized that the device designed by Turkmen scientists has high reliability and efficiency.

Turkmenistan Starts to Produce Computers

However, information on the technical characteristics, cost and manufacturer of computers produced in the country has not yet been given. Previously, the local '' Aydin Gejeler '' company announced that it will produce laptops and tablets.

In Turkmenistan, since 2011, primary school first-year students are given a laptop as a gift on behalf of the president. In 2017, more than 140 laptop computers were ordered for students with a government decision.

Source: ca-news.org