Sevde Kalafat
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"Mevlana Exchange Programme" to open up to the World

"Mevlana Exchange Programme" to open up to the World

The university is one of the turning points of our lives. It expands our horizons, to improve ourselves in a social and cultural sense, to make our life more qualified. Even for a short time period of living abroad, gives an opportunity for the person to learn a new language and get to know the history and the culture of the traveled country. In this context, we will talk about the Mevlana Exchange Program that was created for students to benefit from education abroad.

Mevlana Exchange Program provides an exchange of students and faculty members between higher education institutions providing education in Turkey and higher education institutions providing education abroad. Unlike other programs, geography includes universities all over the world regardless of region. Students can attend to study abroad for at least one semester and max for two semesters; faculty members can attend to teach at higher education institutions for at least one week or max for three months.

Students who will go abroad with the program will be able to familiarize themselves with the culture of the country, learn foreign languages and have experience in a part of their academic life. Scholarships are still available for students during their study period.

Students must be in a formal education programme (undergraduate, master's and doctorate degree). Undergraduate students must have at least 2.5/4 GPA; master's and doctorate degree students must have 3/4 GPA (50% language score + 50% GPA score).

 Applications are made on the website or at the institutional coordination office of Mevlana Exchange Program.

Some of the countries you can go with the Mevlana Exchange Program are as follows:






South Korea