Dilek Özdemir
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The healing hand that the nature has extended: Stevia

The healing hand that the nature has extended: Stevia

Sugar herb plant, which is the origin of Paraguay, also called stevia plant is a remedy for diabetes. Spreading rapidly throughout the world, this plant was planted as a trial in Rize in Turkey and successful results were obtained. This plant, which is described as a century-old plant, has about 400 times more sweetening properties compared to sugar after a number of treatments.

In addition to diabetes, we can call it a natural sweetener for sugar beet, which is also used in the treatment of diseases such as hypertension and obesity. Even though there is no sugar in it, it gives 400% sweeter feeling to the taste-giving cells.

The stevioside substance contained by the stevia plant is perceived by the taste senses in our body as 200-300 times more sugar than normal sugar. A pinch of sugar is sweet enough to sweeten a plant, a liter of tea, coffee or other beverages. Unlike crystallized sugars and artificial sweeteners, Stevia does not need insulin secretion during digestion. The liquid water obtained from this plant is regarded as regulating blood sugar.

The healing hand that the nature has extended: Stevia


* Stevia helps to weaken the plant because it has no calories.

* White sugar can harm your health without harming your health.

* Sugar does not increase blood sugar.

* Can be used by diabetics under the supervision of a specialist doctor.

* Decreased plaque formation on teeth and anti-caries properties were determined by experiments on animals.

* It regulates blood sugar level.

* Allows the body to absorb more calcium. It prevents hypertension.

* Sugar grass nourishes, tightens and corrects wrinkles. It can also be used as a mask for skin care.

* It has been observed that it has good effects against constipation, depression, and short temper.

* Maintain the intestinal and stomach floras.

* Provide acidic alkali balance and protect.

• There are no known and known side effects.