Turkmen State Institute Of Culture

Ashgabat, TurkmenistanPublic University

Turkmen State Institute of Culture makes it possible to get professional education in the fields of culture and art and become a sought-after specialist in these areas in independent Turkmenistan. The mission of the TSIC is the study, enrichment and worldwide dissemination of the Turkmen national culture. The institution is directly subordinate to the Ministry of Culture and Broadcasting of Turkmenistan.

The Institute has a modern material and technical and educational-methodological base, which allows it to offer young people high-quality higher professional education in the spheres of art and culture. At the disposal of the university there is a museum of museology, a computer class, a rich scientific library, a branch of folk art.

Three scientific departments function in the institute: cultural heritage of Turkmenistan’s people department, cultural heritage of peoples’ of Central Asia and Orient department, archeology and ethnology department as well as translation and editing department. The scientific output of employees of the Institute can be followed by 1000 scientific articles published in Turkmenistan, Russian federation (Moscow, Kazan, Saint Petersburg), Italy (Venice), Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara), Ukraine (Kiev), Azerbaijan (Baku), Iran (Tehran), India (New Delhi), Kazakhstan (Almaty).