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The World Cup held in Russia benefits Turkey

Organized by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), the World Cup, to be held in Russia between the dates of June 14 to July 15, was an opportunity for Turkey in terms of economy.

The World Cup held in Russia benefits Turkey

This year, the 21st FIFA World Cup to be held which will contribute to Russia's economy as well as Turkey. The Russians who are not interested in football are flocking to Turkey as they are renting their houses to tourists who come to watch the tournament and cannot find places in the hotels.

First Istanbul then Russia

Prices for tour and plane tickets have also risen in Russia as demand has increased. Some European football fans are planning to gradually overcome this situation through Turkey. Having the chance to make a holiday in Istanbul at affordable price rather than touring in Russia and at the same time getting cheaper air tickets.

The opening match of the tournament will be played between the host Russia and Saudi Arabia and matches will begin at 18.00 Turkey time on June 14, 2018.