Dilek Özdemir
3 years ago - 35 Seconds

World Humanitarian Day: 19 August

The headquarters of the United Nations in Baghdad was bombed on August 19, 2003. As a result of this attack, 22 United Nations employees lost their lives. After this event; it was designated as the World Humanitarian Day to commemorate the death of 22 members of the United Nations General Assembly.

The Day of Humanitarian is an opportunity to honor humanitarian volunteers who have put their lives at risk to deliver aid to victims of war and natural disasters.

World Humanitarian Day: 19 August

Today, the day to remember the injured, or even killed volunteers who wanted to help and support victims.

The latest data on all the attacks that have taken place around the world show that attacks on humanitarian workers tend to increase rapidly. In the last decade, the likelihood of getting subject of an attack has quadrupled for humanitarian employees

The August 19th, the World Humanitarian Day is a good opportunity to reaffirm the importance of adapting the principles of international humanitarian law.